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Hello, you!

A confident badass that everyone wants to work with.

Who that is? You, after working with me on your visibility strategy.

I’m Nicoline Huizinga and I make my clients VISIBLE on relevant platforms for them, so they will show up, speak up and make an impact with their unique talents and skills.

It’s been said that my visibility coaching brings my clients confidence, courage and content that attracts clients like a magnet that attracts paper clips. Here’s how we roll….

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1:1 Coaching programs

1:1 coaching programs

Work with me 1:1, get my undivided attention to increase your visibility and work towards concrete results to boost your business.

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Group program

Work with me in a group and connect with like-minded solopreneurs like you and learn together to be seen as the expert that you are.

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Speaker /


Hire me as a speaker or workshop facilitator for your event, networking club or group for inspiration, insights or action-triggering motivation.

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I’m Nicoline.

Visibility Strategist with a coaching twist. When I worked for kick-ass international corporates, I learned ALL the tricks of the trade on visibility and coaching, from World Class trainers and coaches.

Now, I LOVE using all that expertise to help female solopreneurs who are READY to step out onto their stage – but don’t know how to start.

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Client Love

  • "I found Nicoline to be skilful and gifted in helping me to release the resistance of fear and lack of confidence that had been holding me back in my professional life for years. Now, my business is growing at a rapid rate. I couldn't be happier about the personal and professional growth and success I've experienced in only a few short months since working with Nicoline. Every time I finished a call with Nicoline, I felt inspired to take the next steps in my business. "
    Rachel Redmond
    Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • "Nicoline knows exactly how to highlight the core of your message and turns that into very professional business communication. Her accuracy, razor sharp vision, and skills with modern technology make her a very pleasant person to work with."
    Arja van der Valk
    Agri Sales Academy
  • "Nicoline scares the shit out of me. After only two or three questions she knows exactly who you are, what’s holding you back and what it is you need to thrive. She wants you to become the best version of yourself. Nicoline is the one you need, she shows you how to really touch people’s hearts with your story. Not by adding tricks or emotional blabla, but by removing clutter and empowering you with self-confidence."
    Eva Smit
    Eva Smitt-Steltman
    Minimal Marketing Specialist

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