1:1 VIP Coaching


Are you …

  • Spending hours browsing on the internet, waiting for the inspiration and drive to come?
  • Trying and testing new services, only to keep on tweaking them because they don't bring in clients? 
  • Looking for clarity but you keep going around in circles?
  • Not really having a clue how to be seen as the expert that you are?
  • Craving for a breakthrough but you don't know how?

I hear you. I’ve been there. Your brain works overtime during the night. During the day, hours pass by without you getting things done. You tried several things and followed many online courses, but nothing seemed to work. It's time to change that.

Here's how we can make that happen!

In my 1:1 VIP coaching program, we will create a strategy that works for you.

You won't get a cookie cutter approach. Instead, we will build your own personal blueprint, based on your zone of genius and your Human Design, while breaking through any limiting beliefs you may have. My coaching, numerous tools and trainings will help you to get the success you've been craving for!

Topics we will cover to create your strategy:

  • Your energy and how to keep it high
  • Your foundational pieces like ideal client, business model, positioning, products/services, pricing, client attraction and messaging
  • Website / social media profiles
  • Networking groups and partnerships
  • Freebie and sales funnel

My name is Nicoline Huizinga, and my clients love to call me ‘Structure Queen’ or ‘Lady with the Whip’. It’s said that I help people to get things done and create structure in their creative or overwhelmed worlds.

After being my own boss for over 12 years, I’ve learned that it’s no use to follow anyone else’s blueprint but your own. Getting you clarity on who you are and how you're wired is crucial.  Human Design can do that.

I love showing you the ropes to steps you could take to finally build that momentum in your business.

When you're in my world, I'll open up my black book and connect you to amazing people, I'll share great knowledge and exchange ideas to make you and your business THRIVE!

My motto is: flick that F*ck It switch and do it! Find out if this coaching package is the best fit for you and book a call with me.

Talk soon!

Much love, Nicoline