The Power Of Follow Up

The Power Of Follow Up

Now more than ever, people are craving genuine connection. 

Yes, having a huge audience is great, but if the audience is not engaged, it's no use. Getting that engagement going takes time and effort. Every day.

I'm a huge fan of personal connections and especially after delivering a guest performance, I take the time to connect with new people.

When people connect with me on any social media platform, I accept the invite and send them a personal voice note to welcome them to my network. Be aware that there's a 1-minute limit to recording, but the impact of a voice note is HUGE!

Not only will people hear your voice and feel your energy, they will highly appreciate the time you took to record this message. 

It's the start of building a genuine relationship. That may not turn attendees into clients straight away, but once you build such a relationship with people, they will become fans for life.

It's a longterm strategy and an important one to have in place.

What do you do to welcome new connections?