Human Design Centers - The Solar Plexus Center

Human Design Centers - The Solar Plexus Center

The Solar Plexus center is all about our emotions and it's the most intense of our nine centers. 

Whether you have a colored (defined) or white (open or undefined) Solar Plexus / Emotion center, it's important to pay attention to this center.


With an undefined (white) Solar Plexus Center, it seems you're a very emotional person. Your emotions vary from one day to the next and that's exactly what happens with an undefined Solar Plexus. Actually, you're not that emotional, you're just open to other people's emotions around you.

It's important for you to understand that the emotions you feel may not be yours. It's a huge talent to feel other people's emotions, as you are able to anticipate to what you think someone needs. Socially speaking, this is a wonderful character trait that many people value. The downside of this talent is that at times, it may feel heavy to feel so much, so you are very open to external energies.

TIP when you have an open Solar Plexus center: protect yourself from other people's energy every now and again with visualisation exercises. Recharge your own battery in nature or by working out, so you go from other people's energy to your own.


Your defined Solar Plexus is the source of emotional energy, and works in waves.

The defined Solar Plexus/Emotional Center needs time in order to feel its way through the environment, and learns to create space so that it can become clear, never giving in to the pressure to act spontaneously. It is a relief for many to understand that there is no reason for their highs and lows; it is just chemistry.

TIP for a defined Solar Plexus: take time to sit out the entire wave of emotions until you're 'neutral' and able to decide what to do.

Over to you!

What about your Solar Plexus? Is it defined or undefined? Drop me a note on and I'll give you some pointers on how to navigate your Solar Plexus!

Mine is defined and I really need time to wait out the emotional wave.... ;-)