If You Don't Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes, Read This

If You Don't Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes, Read This

(and how they block you from being successful)


A few weeks ago, I sent out a questionnaire about self-talk.

I already knew that we can be really hard on ourselves, especially when things get tough in life or business.

But the brutally honest replies I got from the recipients, really shocked me sometimes.

We can be our own worst enemies, especially when we are not as successful as we are longing to be.

In this post, I’ll be talking about another common reply in my questionnaire and today, it’s this one: ‘I am not allowed to make any mistakes’.

This is another deeply rooted one that comes from the limiting belief ‘I need to be perfect’.

Many people think perfectionism is a great trait, but I’m here to tell you it blocks your success.

Not only does it take too much time, it’ll give you the perfect excuse to keep on tweaking and working until it’s ‘right’ as well.

The (disappointing) results; no action, lots of overthinking, many, many versions of a similar product, social media post or video, and lots of missed opportunities because you were waiting for the perfect moment.

What to do to handle this limiting belief of ‘I need to be perfect’?

1) Spot the moment when perfectionism kicks in - catch yourself when you’re working hard to be perfect

2) Realize that your 80% may equal another person’s 120%, so stop tweaking and making it 100% perfect

3) Make ‘Done is better than perfect’ your mantra and share your ‘done’ and ‘not so perfect’ actions - it’s scary as hell, but it’ll get easier every time

I’m a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, so I know what I’m talking about!

Knowing what holds you back is vital, especially when you are the only one in your business.

What is holding you back? Don’t feel ashamed, I’m inviting to you to share it in an email tohello@nicolinehuizinga.com  - my online inbox will be welcoming you!