How To Speak Your Audience's Language

How To Speak Your Audience's Language

Too many guest speakers come in, do their 'thing' and leave. When that is the case, there are two things that could happen:

👉🏻 Best case scenario: the audience gets inspired, thinks the speaker was great and that's it.

👉🏻 Worst case scenario: the audience listens (or leaves) and wonders why they wasted their time like this.

The BEST guest speakers share relatable examples from the audience's world and show perspective on how the audience could use the knowledge/inspiration the speaker is sharing.

E.g. when you're a social media expert, your talk should be very different when you're talking to teenagers from when you're talking to entrepreneurs.

Meet your audience where they are, speak their language, build on their examples.

Do your research, use their words, even if they are not necessarily the words you would be using.

Especially with online meetings, asking questions and having people to answer in the chat is an easy way to adjust your language.

Yes, that requires flexibility and improvisation. But it'll get people in action mode after your talk has finished!

Doing your research is the best time you could invest in your clients.

What do you do to speak your audience's language?