Human Design Centers - The G / Self Center

Human Design Centers - The G / Self Center

In the series about the 9 centers, here's the explanation about the G or Self Center.

The G or Self Center is all about direction in life, your sense of self, your identity, values and purpose.


Having a white or undefined G Center means you can be a chameleon. You can adjust to any environment and be amazing in every situation.

You are the perfect mediator as you can see all sides to a matter. People with an undefined G Center are able to speak with a huge variety of people from different backgrounds or cultures.

However, the phrases 'Be yourself' or 'Be who you are' may be a challenge for you, as you have so many sides to you that not everyone knows about - including yourself.

A tip for an undefined G Center: take time to connect to your core by meditation, or being silent in nature, to shake off other people's energies and connect to your own.

Alone time is crucial for those of you with an undefined G Center.


When your G Center is coloured, it's defined. With a defined G Center ou have a consistent sense of what you stand for, who you are and where you are going. Your mantra is 'I am who I am'. It may be hard to adjust to other people who are not like you, especially if you've got a defined Ajna Center as well.

You may be envied by others for your confidence and consistency as you don't get influenced or impressed by other people around you.

A tip for a defined G Center: it may get you in a 'fixed mindset' instead of a 'growth mindset', but as long as you're aware of this process, you can choose to be open anyway - even though this may take you a bit more energy. Awareness is key!

Over to you!

What about you, do you have a defined or undefined G Center? Let me know and drop me an email at!