Human Design Centers - The Throat Center

Human Design Centers - The Throat Center

In your body graph, you will find the throat center as the third center from the top.

The Throat Center is all about expressing yourself, about speaking, communicating and manifesting.

When it's colored, it's defined, which means you. have a consistent energy there. When it's white, it's open or undefined, which means you need other people's energy.


When your Throat center is undefined or white, it means your natural tendency is to use other people's energy to express yourself. Speaking up first in a room full of people is not your jam. However, it doesn't mean you can't speak, because you can! It's just not consistent.

Sometimes you can be a waterfall with words, sometimes you can be as silent as a mouse, not finding the words to speak. That's not a thing to be fixed or changed, it's just how you're wired.

Knowing this will give you the opportunity to choose the best strategy, which is making sure you have things to respond to, like a question, or a remark, or an invitation.


When your Throat Center is colored, it's defined and it means you have your own consistent energy to express yourself. You're never at a loss for words, and it's not hard for you to speak up in a room full of people.

In fact, you may wonder why others don't say a thing when they get the opportunity to speak. It may be because they have an undefined throat center (see above).

Be aware of your expression and your voice. Not to tone them down, but to make sure you invite and allow others to speak too.

Many people with a defined throat center have a tendency to interrupt others - so this is something to be aware of.

Over to you!

What about your throat center, is it defined or undefined?