Human Design Centers - The Ajna/Mind Center

Human Design Centers - The Ajna/Mind Center

In the series about the 9 centers in Human Design, here's the explanation about the Ajna or Mind Center.

The Ajna / Mind is the center where ideas and inspiration get translated into concepts and plans. It's also the center of 'how things are supposed to be', of convention, patterns and standards. But it's the center that is looking for answers as well.


When you've got a defined Ajna / Mind, you've got a consistent energy going on there. You have a more or less fixed plan and concept of how to bring ideas into fruition, or how things should be or should go. You find it hard to follow new concepts because you are attached to the 'old' ways.

You may run the risk of being in your head a lot instead of checking in with your gut feeling (remember that sacral center!?). The trick for a defined Ajna / Mind is to meditate to calm your mind and thoughts in order to tune in with your body and what it's telling you.


When you've got an open or undefined Ajna/Mind, you're open to all kinds of new concepts, plans and blueprints. You're open to breaking the mold and breaking with traditional ideas or concepts. Having that open Ajna / Mind can be great, but it can overwhelm you at times too. Because one 'guru' claims X, and another claims Y. Who to follow?

Another aspect of an open mind: you may find it hard to follow through on plans you've made, because there's a new plan that's more exciting.

The trick for an undefined / open Ajna / Mind, is to take a break from the work you're doing, (re)connect with nature by talking a long walk (or literally by putting your hands into the earth, air or water) and then come back to the thing you're doing.

Over to you!

What's your Ajna or Mind Center like? Let me know on and I'll give you some pointers in how to navigate your Ajna!