Be Like Angelina Jolie (when you are a Manifesting Generator)

Be Like Angelina Jolie (when you are a Manifesting Generator)

Original picture by Condé Nast through Vogue Taiwan. Find it HERE

In this little series I'm doing right now, I'd like to address Manifesting Generators.

Angelina Jolie is a famous Manifesting Generator.

Many Manifesting Generators struggle with the 'niche' thing. Niching is a well-known advice from many people in business. 'Pick one thing and stick to that!' - is a big mantra.

But what if you're a multi-talented and multi-passionate Manifesting Generator? How on earth are you going to pick just one thing?

Here's the remedy: DON'T.

Be like Angelina Jolie. She's an actress, film maker, humanitarian and entrepreneur.

She's multi-passionate and multi-talented. She responds to cues that she gets (read a bit about her and how all her projects came about!), she chooses the things that light her up and then she follows that joy.

She had a wine-making business for a while and she loved it - but at some point it didn't fulfil her anymore. Perhaps the business reminded her too much of her ex-husband. I don't know. But she sold it and she moved on doing what she loves.

Recently, she launched a purpose-driven fashion brand. Very different from wine-making, but she loves it. She combines her love for fashion, sustainability and giving refugees a voice.

What can you learn from her, as a Manifesting Generator?

  1. Look out for the cues and keep track of them (like writing them down at the end of each day)
  2. Respond to the things that light you up
  3. Inform the people around you of the things that light you up
  4. Some things that light you up now won't last, so you won't finish them and that's OK. You need those projects to burn off the amazing energy that you have! 
  5. Find the overarching theme for the things that you do. That theme will show you the umbrella for all your activities and when you start talking about that theme, all your different project will make sense. For yourself and for the people around you.

For Angelina, her overarching theme is 'empowering women'. In everything she does, you will see this theme. Look at the movies she played in: Lara Croft, Changeling, Gone in 60 Seconds, Salt, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and even as the Tigress in Kung Fu Panda, she kicked ass. 

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