Human Design Strategies For Each Energy Type

Human Design Strategies For Each Energy Type

Human Design provides you with your own guidelines, and your own strategies to navigate life. Each energy type has its own strategy - and that’s exactly what business owners should work with.

Each of the energy types has its own strategy.  Let's dive into them!

Waiting to respond

Let’s have a look at my own example. I am a Generator and my best strategy is waiting to respond. I need to look out for the cues in my environment and respond to those accordingly. That’s why I’m great at any crisis - my strategy to respond has a field day whenever that happens! In business, what I need to do is this; check the needs of potential clients (surveys, interviews or polls), look out for cues that indicate what my audience needs and create a program for that. I’m in close alignment with the cues around me, and I respond to them with the offers and programs I create.

Informing before initiating

Manifesting Generators are Generators at the core and therefore, their best strategy is waiting to respond too, plus they need to inform before initiating. Inform before initiating goes for Manifestors too. Inform before initiating means you have to keep people informed about your plans. Break things down into bite-size chunks so people will be able to follow you. However, this is one of the major challenges for both Manifestors and Manifesting Generators. Being patient is not their jam, and they don’t like to be held back by anyone, as they have a vision that needs to be transformed into reality as soon as possible.

Waiting for the invitation

Many Projectors struggle with their strategy too. Theirs is waiting for the invitation and more often than not, I find Projectors almost shouting on their social media, showing off their expertise and sharing client testimonials like a mad (wo)man to prove that they are truly amazing. But their audience is sensitive; they sense when the Projector is ‘shouting’ with a ‘needy’ kind of energy. What the Projector should do instead is this; share their knowledge and content freely, without hope or agenda - and trust their power and wisdom are magnetic enough to attract their ideal audience, because they are.

Wait an entire lunar cycle

Reflectors are a rare kind, and especially when making big decisions, they should wait an entire lunar cycle of 28-29 days. Why is that? Because they have nine open centres in their body graph that reflect and amplify other people’s energy - and therefore find it hard to distinguish what thought, idea or input is actually theirs, or someone else’s. They can sense when something is off, or when something is right. They just know - and that’s an incredible asset.

Over to you!

What is your strategy and what do you encounter on your (business) journey? Let me know by sending me an email on and I’ll give you some pointers on how to navigate your strategy.