What To Do About Negative Self-Talk

What To Do About Negative Self-Talk

(and how they block you from being successful)

A few weeks ago, I sent out a questionnaire about self-talk, asking people what they say to themselves when things get tough in business.

I already knew that we can be really hard on ourselves, especially when things get tough in life or business. 

But the brutally honest replies I got from the recipients really shocked me sometimes.

We can be our own worst enemies, especially when we are not as successful as we are longing to be.

One of the most common replies to my questionnaire and shockingly enough, it’s this one: ‘What the F am I doing wrong?’. 

‘What the F am I doing wrong?’ is not only very judging, it also assumes that you’re doing something wrong, which means you feel that you’re not good enough to be doing what you do. 

And that’s what we call a limiting belief; and it's a saboteur of your success. 

The belief ‘I’m not good enough’ is a deeply rooted and quite common belief, and most people feel reluctant to talk about it. But it holds a great power over them and it holds them back from thriving and being happy.

Hoping to inspire others and to make them feel they’re not alone, I’m here to tell you this is my main limiting belief and to be honest, it’s no fun to have it.

On a good day, I can stop myself whenever I think ‘I’m not good enough’ in time and I’m able to convince myself that I actually AM good enough. 

On a bad day, I’m stuck and overwhelmed, I can’t stop comparing myself to other entrepreneurs and I’m constantly judging myself for being a loser who just needs to step up.

Now what to do to deal with this limiting belief? Over time, this is what I learned and I am still practicing every day;

1) Stop trying to get rid of the limiting belief - it’s no use to try and tell yourself to stop thinking about it. Did you ever try to push a beach ball underwater? Right. This thought is so powerful, it will hit you every time

2) Acknowledge the limiting belief without judgement - there used to be a time when it served you well. Just recognize it and acknowledge it 

3) Make a conscious decision not to give power to the limiting belief. Assign your power to using your unique talent and skill and go with those. Don’t wait for perfection or the right moment, as they won’t happen. 

Recognise the belief, acknowledge it without judgement, and assign the power elsewhere.

It's simple, but it's not easy and it takes daily practice. 

However, knowing what holds you back as an entrepreneur is vital, especially when you are the only one in your business.

What is holding you back? Don’t feel ashamed, I’m inviting to you to share it with me by sending an email to hello@nicolinehuizinga.com - and knowing that you're not alone is the best thing in life!