Be Like Oprah (when you are a Generator)

Be Like Oprah (when you are a Generator)

Photo by Alan Light - original photo HERE 

Last week, I did an interview for a wonderful podcast and the host asked me to mention famous people and their Human Design, so I decided to a little series on that topic.

Oprah is a famous Generator. We all know her. 

But what we don't always realise (and perhaps she didn't either), is that she lives her strategy and she has lived it all her life. As a Generator, your strategy is 'waiting to respond'. 

For many of us, that's hard. Waiting sounds like doing nothing and that's tough for Generators. And 'respond', what does that even mean?

Well, here's what Oprah did as a Generator. 

She interviewed people because she was curious and she loved talking to people. Aka; her sacral center lit up like a Christmas tree when she was doing that - and she followed that joy all.the.time.

She interviewed people and RESPONDED to them - and by doing so, she got the most famous people opening up to her and sharing their deepest emotions (remember Tom Cruise jumping up & down her sofa because he was in love?).

She interviewed authors who had published a book and started a BOOK CLUB because people kept looking for the books she had discussed on the show.

She interviewed people and created a MAGAZINE because she noticed people loved knowing more about the people she interviewed and the topics she discussed. And so on. 

So when you're a Generator, be like Oprah. Find what lights you up and follow that joy. 

Then respond to the cues and signs you get and keep following the joy. 

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